Women's Microsurgery Group

Women’s Microsurgery Group (WMG)


Our mission is to support women microsurgical and reconstructive surgeons in order to help them achieve their professional and personal aspirations. 


To facilitate networking and mentoring and to foster and promote professional development, as well as to provide a safe forum to help women achieve work-life balance


Open to any female member or candidate member of ASRM.


The WMG Mentorship Program is open to all women medical students, residents, and fellows attending the ASRM meeting.  If you are interested in participating as a MENTEE or MENTOR please select the appropriate link below to participate.  The mentees will meet informally one on-one with their mentors during ASRM at least twice during the meeting. 

    BE A MENTOR                                       BE A MENTEE    

ViOptix Travel Scholarship:

The purpose of the Women’s Microsurgery Group travel scholarship is to foster early interest in reconstructive microsurgery in women medical students or residents. This year ViOptix will be funding two travel scholarships for the Women’s Microsurgery Group.  Funding by ViOptix includes travel to the ASRM Annual Meeting (coach fare, purchased at least 3 weeks in advance), hotel costs for up to 4 nights, and ASRM meeting registration fees. Awardee will be responsible for food/beverage costs outside of what is provided during the ASRM Annual Meeting. For additional information regarding the Women's Microsurgery Group ViOptix Travel Scholarship please click here.

Experience in the Eyes of the WMG Scholarship Recipients!

2015 - Dr. Siba Haykal
"I left the cold winter in Toronto, Canada as a fourth year plastic and reconstructive surgery resident in the midst of microsurgery fellowship applications. I was happy to land in the sunny and warm(er) Nassau and left the meeting feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the future." (read more)
2014 - Dr. Marquita Kilgore

"The Women's Microsurgery Group ViOptix Travel Scholarship recipient has proved to be life-changing and awe-inspiring. On my way to the ASRM annual meeting, I left New Haven as a second-year medical student, stressed and mostly consumed with preparation for my upcoming USMLE Step 1. Amazingly, I left Lihue with an entirely refreshed outlook on my journey through medical training. Please allow me to share the details behind this transformation, as it transcends not only my interest in microsurgery, but also my sense of career development in general." (read more)

Previous WMG Scholarship Recipients

2016: Jeannette Man, MD

Katherine Santosa, MD

2015: Siba Haykal, MD

         Irene Pien, MD

2014:  Marquita Kilgore, MD


Committee Members

Joan Lipa, MD              Chair                joan.lipa@sunnybrook.ca

Angela Cheng, MD        Member             angelacheng@emory.edu

Aldona Spiegel, MD       Member             aldonas@mac.com

Amy Moore, MD            Member             mooream@wustl.edu

Jen Robinson, MD         Member             jennifer.w.robinson@gmail.com

Karen Horton, MD         Member             drhorton@drkarenhorton.com

Toni Zhong, MD            Member             toni.zhong@uhn.on.ca

Valerie Lemaine, MD     Member             lemaine.valerie@mayo.edu

Melissa Poh, MD           Member              melissa.poh@gmail.com

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