DONATE TODAY! ASRM Future Growth Fund / Godina Traveling Fellowship Fund

Future Growth Fund

 The successes of our organization are founded with high quality educational meetings, lectureships, grants, the fellowship match, public support through awareness campaigns and camaraderie. The organization's Future Growth Fund is used to direct funds to our research and other educational opportunities inclusive of the following:

  • Two (2) ASRM/PSF Combined Pilot Grants ($10,000 each)           
  • Two (2) Medical Student Annual Meeting Scholarships
  • Two (2) International Traveling Grants
  • Two (2) Medical Student Research Grants
  • Two (2) Women in Microsurgery Scholarships
  • One (1) Lymphatic Education Research Network Joint Grant

Our drive to success is to raise the Future Growth Fund from $91,000 to $350,000 to enable the ASRM to only use 5% of the fund annually to support these opportunities. We have set up a donation program to assist in meeting this goal.


Cash Donation

The Cash Donation Program is a way for members to donate funds over a period of 5-10 years with a minimum total commitment of $2,500. These multi-year commitments provide stability to the Future Growth Fund and continued growth. Single year donations are welcome as well.

Securities Gifting

Publicly traded assets such as stocks, mutual funds, or exchanged traded funds with a low cost basis are often held to avoid the capital gains tax that would be due upon sale. However, when these assets are used to fund a charitable organization, the donor avoids the capital gains tax, and ASRM can then convert the assets into cash for the growth of the Future Growth Fund.

These assets can be donated directly to the Future Growth Fund by an electronic transfer and provide a fair-market-value charitable income tax deduction without triggering capital gains taxes. Once in the Future Growth Fund, these assets can be sold at the current fair-market-value for the benefit of the Future Growth Fund.

The benefits of gifting appreciated securities:

1. The satisfaction of knowing your money is invested in a cause important to you.

2. Capital gains taxes on the security are avoided.

3. You will be eligible to receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair-market-value of the security at the time of the gift.

Gifting securities involves a relatively simple transfer from a donor’s brokerage account to the Future Growth Fund account. The transfer is initiated by the donor’s financial advisor with ASRM’s Future Growth Fund account information. Further instruction will be provided when a donation commitment is made at "DONATE TODAY".

Godina Traveling Fellowship Fund

Marko Godina was a visionary reconstructive microsurgeon, an insightful and enthusiastic teacher, and a remarkable man. The American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery knows no better way to honor the memory of Marko than through an ongoing investment into promising, upcoming, committed surgeons, who will, through study and investigation, continue to expand the horizons of our field. The Godina Traveling Fellowship has been established to allow a deserving individual, chosen by the ASRM, to travel among numerous microsurgical centers around the world, solely financially supported by the Godina Fund. Cash donations are welcome.





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