International Travel Grant

The American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery’s purpose of existence is to promote, encourage, foster, and advance the art and science of microsurgery and complex reconstruction.  To do this the organization has established a forum for teaching, research and free discussion of reconstructive microsurgical methods and principles. Yearly, the ASRM holds a scientific annual meeting which has a longstanding tradition of presenting cutting edge topics in microsurgery, panel discussions and instructional courses applicable to the clinician as well as the researcher. 

The organization is continually aware of the financial hardship that has affected several surgeons in underdeveloped countries and believes that it is part of their obligation to microneurovascular surgery to not make it prohibitive for these individual’s to continue their education in this ever growing specialty. This initiative is important in our world society and global health.

The American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery is offering an opportunity to surgeons from underdeveloped countries that are experiencing financial hardship.  The grant covers three nights lodging at the host hotel in addition to the ASRM Annual Meeting registration fee. It is up to the recipient to cover additional expenses including travel.

The recipient is required to submit an article to the ASRM newsletter "Reconstructive Microsurgery" sharing the impact the meeting had on them professionally. Grant recipients will be paired up with a mentor to meet during the annual meeting to further discuss the challenges faced today in ones practice. Previous recipients of this grant are not eligible. The applicant cannot receive multiple scholarships/grants from the ASRM in one year.

To apply please submit the following information:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Current CV
  4. Personal statement addressing the following:
  • your interest in seeking the travel grant and qualities why you should be awarded this grant
  • current employment status and type of practice (full time, academic, private etc…)
  • what it means to you to get this grant and what you intend to gain professionally from the meeting
  • what issues you are facing in your practice and who you would like to be mentored by on this issue


All items listed above must be received by the Central Office at no later than November 1st



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