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Active Membership (Dues $350)

To qualify for active membership one must be board certified or have equivalent certification in their own country, have documented evidence of training in Reconstructive and/or Microneurovascular Surgery, continued practice in clinical reconstructive microneurovascular surgery and other complex reconstructions or the majority of their working time in research and teaching of microneurovascualr surgery.  Applicants must have attended at least one meeting of the ASRM prior to applying and is recommended to have published or presented papers in recognized forums or publications on microneurovascular topics. 

Associate Membership (Dues $350)

To qualify for associate membership one must be an individual involved in reconstructive and/or microneurovascular surgery through teaching, research or patient care. Applicants must have attended at least one meeting of the ASRM prior to application. 

Candidate Membership (No Dues)

To qualify for candidate membership one shall express an interest in microsurgery and/or complex reconstruction and be enrolled in or completed a residency program that includes training in microsurgery and/or complex reconstruction.


Candidate Members wishing to change their status to Active membership only need to submit proof of Board certification to complete their status change.

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