About ASRM

History of ASRM

The American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM) was established in 1984, born from the initial desire to nurture the emerging field of digit and limb replantation.

Members of the ASRM, with their tireless work and innovation have helped transform this initial desire into an entirely new area of medicine (reconstructive microsurgery and complex reconstruction).


What it means to be an ASRM Microsurgeon

ASRM is comprised of over 1,100 members from 16 countries.

All active ASRM members go through a rigorous application process, ensuring continued high standards of the organization.

Members must hold board certification from an American Board of Medical Specialties recognized board or similarly empowered international organization. Members must also have documented training in reconstructive and/or microneurovascularsurgery.

Seeking an ASRM Microsurgeon as your surgeon ensures that your surgeon has met exceptional qualification standards.