Connection Series

We, as microsurgeons, are really good at making connections. Sometimes tiny little ones that lead to big differences in the lives around us.

The ASRM is highlighting the ways in which it has connected people to bring about positive changes to our specialty and community:

  • Mentors that deserves recognition for all they have done.
  • Mentees that have amazing accomplishments that deserve acknowledgement.
  • Groups of individuals linked through the Society that have never-before-told stories of how they succeeded against all odds.

These are the stories - the little palpable connections - that have inspired each other to further our specialty.

Special thanks to Carolyn De La Cruz for spearheading and hosting this series, to all of our Contributors, and to Synovis for their generous support of this project.

Let's take a look. A new story will be posted monthly throughout the upcoming year..

  • Connections Episode 1 -
    Julian Pribaz & Evan Matros

  • Connections Episode 2 -
    Paul Cederna & Mike Neumeister

  • Connections Episode 3 -
    Meredith Collins & Justin Sacks

  • Connections Episode 4 -
    Francesco Egro & Katie Egan

  • Connections Episode 5 -
    Scott Levin & Stephen Kovach

  • Connections Episode 6 -
    Becky Knackstedt & Brett Phillips

  • Connections Episode 7 -
    Joan Lipa & Peter Neligan

  • Connections Episode 8 -
    Babak Mehrara & Michele Coriddi

  • Connections Episode 9 -
    Bernie Lee & Adeyiza Momoh

  • Connections Episode 10 -
    Bauback Safa & Melissa Poh