Young Microsurgeons Surgeons Group

Young Microsurgeons Surgeons Group

What is YMG?

The Young Microsurgeons Group is made up of candidate and active members of the ASRM who are within 8 years of completion of training. We are an enthusiastic compilation of microsurgeons who are committed to advancing the art and science of reconstructive surgery. Through early involvement in the ASRM, we position ourselves to make an impact on all aspects of plastic surgery through clinical, research, and academic channels. Members from our group have shaped the ASRM through the steering committee and executive council and have gone on take significant leadership roles in the ASRM, in addition to many plastic surgery societies.

What does YMG do?

YMG contributes content to the annual meeting and members serve on ASRM committees and task forces. 

  • Hosts two panels at the Annual Meeting: ”Pearls and Prosecco” and Early Career planning
  • Plans YMG Fellowship Forum for the Annual Meeting, a roundtable for free discussion between current fellows, residents, and students
  • Appoints standing positions on Godina Selection, Annual Meeting Program, Masters Series, Fellowship Match Oversight, Nominating, and Bylaws committees.
  • YMG Chair serves as YMG representative on ASRM Executive Council

YMG Steering Committee

The YMG Steering Committee is the Leadership Group within the YMG. It consists of YMG chair, immediate past-chair, and 7 appointed members. 


  • Selects members to serve on ASRM committees
  • Develops content for the Annual Meeting
  • Hosts YMG reception at the Annual Meeting

Are you interested in being a part of the YMG?

The ASRM Young Microsurgeon’s Group (YMG) is a resource for young reconstructive microsurgeons which provides opportunities for networking, sharing of ideas, and leadership development. Acting as a liaison between reconstructive microsurgeons in the early stages of their careers and established ASRM member surgeons, the YMG facilitates opportunities for young surgeons to become involved in the ASRM. 

All reconstructive microsurgeons who are Candidate or Active members, who have been in practice for fewer than eight years after formal training, are eligible to participate in the YMG. If you have any questions contact the ASRM central office (

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YMG RoundTable

The YMG RoundTable is an event organized by the YMG Steering Committee where fellow representative of microsurgery fellowship programs provide an overview of their training program. The event occurs during ASRM Annual Meeting and is attended only by fellows and interested applicants - NO FACULTY ALLOWED. We look forward to seeing you there!

You are required to sign up for this event while registering for the meeting. 

Please contact us if your fellowship is interested in being represented in next year’s YMG Roundtable.