Trunk Reconstruction

In plastic surgery, the area of your body from your shoulders to your hips, including your chest, abdomen, back, and buttocks is called your "trunk." There are many different reasons that you might need reconstruction by a plastic surgeon in these areas. The different areas of your trunk are different shapes and are made of different types of body tissues (skin, fat, muscle, bone) in different patterns. Therefore, many different types of reconstruction might be used based on your body's special needs. An example of trunk reconstruction is when you have a hernia repaired. A hernia is a hole in the normal tissues supporting your organs inside you. A hernia repair means your surgeon uses materials, often your own body tissues, to close that hole. Your plastic surgeon will try to make your trunk reconstruction help your body function normally and also help how your body looks after surgery. You should always feel comfortable asking your plastic surgeon about the details of your trunk reconstruction choices and the risks and benefits of your choices. You will often have possible surgeries from which to choose.