Willliam A. Zamboni Visiting Professor

William A. Zamboni

The William A. Zamboni Visiting Professor Program highlights the fantastic work of microsurgeons and ASRM members as well as the diversity associated with a practice involving microsurgery and complex reconstruction.

Visiting Professors will be provided up to $5,000 to cover flight and transportation for 3-5 trips in one calendar year. The host institution is responsible to pay the remaining costs including hotel, meals and local transportation. Based on the Program’s request for Visiting Professors, trips will be assigned at the direction of the ASRM. The visiting professors will be placed on the annual meeting program to give a brief 10 minute summary of their travels and experience as a Visiting Professor

To qualify the applicant is to be a longstanding and an actively participating member of the ASRM.

Visiting Professors must submit the application form by November 15th and a selection will be announced in January.

Interested hosts must submit the application form by April 1st and a selection will be announced at the end of April.


Download Host application form (PDF)

Download Professor application form (PDF)

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  • L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS

    L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS

  • Ronald M. Zuker, MD

    Ronald M. Zuker, MD


  • Howard Langstein, MD

    Howard Langstein, MD

  • William C. Pederson, MD

    William C. Pederson, MD


  • Peter Neligan, MD

    Peter Neligan, MD

  • Michael Neumeister, MD

    Michael Neumeister, MD


  • Greg Evans, MD

    Greg Evans, MD

  • Randy Sherman, MD

    Randy Sherman, MD


  • Ming Huei Cheng, MD

    Ming Huei Cheng, MD

  • Jamie Levine, MD

    Jamie Levine, MD