MicroSurge Visiting Educator Opportunity


The MicroSurge Visiting Educator Opportunity is a project developed by the ASRM in conjunction with ReSurge International to bring our members' skills to those in need around the world through short term surgical missions to underserved communities. Together ASRM and ReSurge can restore the dreams of those with deformities and injuries, and impact the world by renewing the health of many children and adults each year. The main goal of the MicroSurge Visiting Educator is to serve as an educator and a mentor to local surgeons and work with them to serve their community.

This opportunity is fully funded by ASRM, ReSurge and industry. Applicants must submit the application form by September 15.

Download the application form (PDF)


Prior MicroSurge Visiting Educators

  • Steven Bonawitz

    Steven Bonawitz, MD

  • Albert Chao

    Albert Chao, MD

  • Pierre Chevray

    Pierre Chevray, MD

  • Stefan Hofer

    Stefan Hofer, MD

  • Evan Matros

    Evan Matros, MD

  • Hani Sbitany

    Hani Sbitany, MD