Contribute to the future of ASRM and Microsurgery!

Future Growth Fund


The successes of our organization are founded with high quality educational meetings, lectureships, grants, the fellowship match, public support through awareness campaigns and camaraderie. The organization's Future Growth Fund is used to direct funds to our research and other educational opportunities inclusive of the following:

  • Two (2) ASRM/PSF Combined Pilot Grants ($10,000 each)
  • Two (2) Medical Student Annual Meeting Scholarships
  • Two (2) International Traveling Grants
  • Two (2) Medical Student Research Grants
  • Two (2) Women in Microsurgery Scholarships
  • Two (2) Visiting Educators
  • Two (2) Visiting Professors

Our drive to success is to raise the Future Growth Fund from $200,00 to $350,000 to enable the ASRM to only use 5% of the fund annually to support these opportunities. We have set up a donation program to assist in meeting this goal. 


Godina Traveling Fellowship Fund


Marko Godina was a visionary reconstructive microsurgeon, an insightful and enthusiastic teacher, and a remarkable man. The American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery knows no better way to honor the memory of Marko than through an ongoing investment into promising, upcoming, committed surgeons, who will, through study and investigation, continue to expand the horizons of our field. The Godina Traveling Fellowship has been established to allow a deserving individual, chosen by the ASRM, to travel among numerous microsurgical centers around the world, solely financially supported by the Godina Fund. Cash donations are welcome.