Council Member-In-Training

American Society Of Plastic Surgeons

The Council Member-in-Training is an official one year position on the ASRM Council without voting rights. This position is to provide leadership experience and develop a young member into a future leader of the organization.

The Council Member-in-Training is required to attend all council meetings which occur during the annual meeting in January (two annual meetings during tenure) and in July in Chicago, Illinois. The ASRM does cover the travel and housing expenses related to the meeting in July.

To qualify one must be a resident that is a current ASRM Candidate member or in the process of becoming a member, in the final two years of residency training and must be a resident or fellow during the entire tenure of position which is one year. Applicants must submit the application form by November 15th.

Download the application form (PDF)

  • sofia_aronson_cmi


    Sofia Aronson, MD

  • Ronnie Shammas, MD


    Ronnie Shammas, MD

  • Katie Egan, MD


    Katie Egan, MD

  • Francesco M. Egro, MBChB, MSc, MRCS


    Francesco Egro, MD

  • Juan L. Rendon, M.D., Ph.D.


    Juan Rendon, MD