Fellowship Details

Union Memorial Hospital Post Residency Fellowship in Hand Surgery

Fellowship Title: Union Memorial Hospital Post Residency Fellowship in Hand Surgery
United States
Fellowship Director: James HIggins, MD
Contact Person For Application: Tori Wilson
Other : Twice a year at the Anatomy Board full body cadaver flap dissections are performed.
Number of Fellows Accepted per year: 4
Clinical or Laboratory Research Opportunities: LabWork : A 1500 square foot Microsurgery Laboratory is available for small animal research studies and training in microsurgical procedures. The facility is authorized to house a limited number of small animals for research studies. The Microsurgical Lab contains three dissecting microscopes and related microsurgical instruments. Microsurgery instruction includes use of the operating microscope and instrumentation. In addition to the Microsurger Laboratory the program has a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art STATlab that is dedicated to orthopaedic research. The laboratory offers multi-station facilities for surgical techniques training and biomechanical research studies. Two separate areas provide a wide array of research opportunities ranging from tendon cell biology to biomechanical studies.
Research Oppurtunities :This hand surgery training program has a research department which coordinates patient outcome studies. Each Fellow is required to complete at least one research project, with a faculty sponsorship, that will be suitable for presentation and/or publication. Research projects may take the form of retrospective evaluation of data collected in clinical studies or a focused study of medical records, biomechanical evaluations of devices, anatomical studies or prospective studies of specific diagnoses or treatments. The Division of Hand Surgery has a Research Department, Research Director and Clinical Research Coordinator. The Research Director and Coordinator meet with the fellows on a regular basis to orientate them to research design and statistics. The fellows are provided with an overview of the research requirements, description of the types of projects available and the mechanism for submission and approval of projects to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The fellows are introduced to key research personnel who are available to assist them in this process (i.e. microsurgery and biomechanics lab, therapists, statistical support, administrative support for IRB/IACUC submissions and editorial support for manuscript preparation).
Application Deadline: December 16 2022
Interview Period: January 31 2022 to February 24 2022
Website Link: http://www.nationalhandspecialitst.com
*For information on previous fellows, please contact the fellowship institution directly.