Fellowship Details

MGH Hand Fellowship

Contact Person For Application: Adam Nazzal
101 Merrimac street. 2nd Floor
Boston, MA  02114
United States
Fellowship Type: Microsurgery + Hand Surgery
Fellowship Title: MGH Hand Fellowship
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street,Yawkey Building. 2nd Floor.
Boston, MA  02114
United States
Geographic Region: Northeast
Number of years this fellowship has existed: More than 10 years
Fellowship Director: Sang-Gil Lee, MD
Additional Faculty: Jessy Jupiter, MD; Chaitanya Mudgal, MD; David Ring, MD; Jonathan Winograd, MD
Duration and Calendar Year of Fellowship: August 1 to July 31
Clinical Work:
(total # of cases per year for all fellows)
Free Flaps: 75
Complex Non-Microsurgical Reconstruction: 50
Nerve Repairs: 100
Replants: 75
Head and Neck: 0
Breast Implant Reconstruction: 0
Upper Extremity: 1000
Autologus Tissue Breast Reconstruction: 0
Trunk: 0
Specialty Cases: Split skin grafts; Local flaps; Z-Plasties; Pedical flaps; Tube pedicles; Open reduction & internal fixation of fractures; Osteotomy; Bone grafts; Amputations; Arthrodesis; Arthroplasty (including prosthesis); Capsulectomy; Synovectomy; Tenorrhaphy: Primary; Tenorrhaphy: Secondary; Tendon grafts; Tendon transfers ; Tenolysis ; Trigger Finger ; De Quervains ; Nerve graphs; Neurolysis (decompressions, etc.) ; Other nerve operations (including Carpal Tunnel); Vascular repair (only); Revascularization; Microvasular comp. Tissue transfer Skin; Dupuytrens
Number of Fellows Accepted per year: 4
Stipend (Annual): Stipend commensurate to 6 years post graduate.
Night and Weekend Call: Every 4th night
Laboratory Research Opportunities (available or required): Each fellow is required to complete a research project during his/her fellowship year. These projects may be clinical or basic science. The results are presented to the Visiting Professor at the annual Dr. Richard M. Smith’s visiting professor lecture, and submitted for presentation at a national meeting (approximate deadlines: ASSH - November, ASRM - March, Resident & Fellows - April). Completed projects are often submitted for publication.
Clinical Research Opportunities: There is clinical
Prerequisite/requisite training required: must finish Orhopaedic or Plastic Surgery residency
Application Deadline: December 31
Interview Period: February 1 to April 30
Additional Program Information: This program participates in the Hand Match.
Website Link: http://www.massgeneral.org/ortho/HandUpperExtremities.htm
*For information on previous fellows, please contact the fellowship institution directly.