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    Co-Chairs: Bauback Safa, MD; Aldona Spiegel, MD; Dirk Schaefer, MD

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 3:00 PM EST (US) - 6:00PM EST (US)

Moderator Babak Mehrara, MD  
Panelists Babak Mehrara, MD Pathophysiology & Frontiers in Lymphatic Research
  Alex Wong, MD Update on Lymphatic Research
  Mark Schaverien, MD Patient selection and algorithm for lymph node transplant
  Joseph Dayan, MD Vascularized omentum lymphatic transplant approach and outcomes
Moderator Dhruv Singhal, MD  
Panelists Dhruv Singhal, MD Centers of Excellence: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Lymphatic Care
  Takumi Yamamoto, MD Modern Approach to Lymphovenous Bypass
  Akitatsu Hayashi, MD High Definition Ultrasound for Lymphatic Imaging
  Michelle Coriddi, MD Immediate Lymphatic Reconstruction: A Randomized Controlled Prospective Study
Moderator David Chang, MD  
Panelists David Chang, MD Combined Approach to Lymphedema Surgery
  Peter Neligan, MD Lymphatic Imaging
  Jaume Masia, MD Current Approach to the Lymphedema Patient
  Ming-Huei Cheng, MD Approach and Outcomes for Vascularized Lymph Node Transplant
  Hakan Brorson, MD Indications, Technique and Outcomes of Liposuction


Saturday January 16
10:00 AM EST (US) - 5:30 PM EST (US)

Soft Tissue Free Flaps to the Hand - Does Sensation Matter?
Moderator William C. Pederson, MD    
Panelists Hidehiko Yoshimatsu, MD  SCIP Flap  
  AJ Forte, MD Venous Flaps  
  Dong Chul Lee, MD Web Space, Toe Pulp, Etc...  
Latest Advances in Sensory Restoration
Moderator Amy Moore, MD     
Panelists Alison Snyder-Warwick, MD Sensory Restoration of the Face  
  Arash Momeni, MD Breast Neurotization  
  Jayme Bertelli, MD Sensory Restoration of the Hand  
Master Lecture - Breast Jaume Masia, MD    
Panel - Breast      
Moderator Joan Lipa, M D    
Panelists Jesse Selber, MD RoboDIEP  
  Mihye Choi, MD The Aesthetic DIEP  
  Nicholas Haddock, MD Non-Abdominal Flaps  
  Stefania Tuinder, MD Sensation in Breast Reconstruction  
  Josh Levine, MD Surgical Delay for Extending the DIEP Flap
Abstract Presentations      
Best Case / Best Save      
Moderator Michael Zenn, MD    


Sunday January 17
10:00 AM EST (US) - 4:15 PM EST (US)

Master Lecture: Head and Neck Peirong Yu, MD    
Panel Advances in Head and Neck Reconstruction  
Moderator Melissa Poh, MD    
Panelists Evan Matros, MD CAD/CAM for Maxillary Reconstruction
  Matthew Hanasono, MD Multi-flap Head and Neck Reconstruction
  Jan Vranckx, MD Tracheal Reconstruction  
  Chung-Kan Tsao, MD Speech Reconstruction  
Master Lecture: Upper Extremity Yu-Te Lin, MD    
Panel Latest Advances in Replantation  
Moderator Greg Buncke, MD    
Panelists Sang-Hyun Woo, MD Modern Indications for Replantation
  Raja Sabapathy, MD The Ganga Hospital Approach to Replantation
  Bruno Battiston,  MD Building a Replantation Referral Center: The Italian Experience
  Francisco del Pinal,  MD When Replantation Is Not Possible: What Next?
Master Lecture: Abdominal Wall Don Baumann, MD    
Panel State of the Art in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction  
Moderator Charles Butler, MD    
Panelists Stephen Kovach, MD Principles of Abdominal Wall Repair, Fixing Hernias as a Plastic Surgeon
  John Fischer, MD Quality of Life in Abdominal Wall Patients
  Milomir Ninkovic,  MD Innervated, Functional Reconstruction of the Abdominal Wall
  Detlev Erdman "End of the road" approach to the abdominal wall defect
Master Lecture: Lower Extremity Pierre Saadeh, MD    
Panel Bridging the Lower Extremity Bone Gap  
Moderator Jason Ko, MD    
Panelists Marco Innocenti, MD Bone Flaps  
  David Lowenberg,  MD When to Graft? When to Transport? Is There a Role for Masquelet?
  Pedro Cavadas, MD Reconstructing the Bone Gap in the Mangled Lower Extremity






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