Annual Meeting Program


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Friday, January 20, 2023

ASRM Council Meeting (morning)

1:00pm – 5:00pm     ASRM Functional Extremity Reconstruction Course with ASPN as Guest Society

The first ever course of its kind, the ASRM Functional Extremity Reconstruction Course with ASPN as Guest Society will be a limited offering to only 30 registrants.  Focusing on technically challenging and novel reconstructive procedures, this course will enable the registrants to participate in cadaveric demonstrations in small groups (3 registrants per group) with experts from around the globe.

2:00pm – 5:00pm     World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery / American Society for                  Reconstructive Transplantation Symposium  “VCA in the Transgender Population”

Saturday, January 21, 2023

AAHS/ASPN/ASRM Joint Programming

AAHS/ASPN/ASRM Instructional Courses

  • Practical Examples of How and Why Hand Surgeons Should Do Their Own Ultrasound Exams, particularly about NERVES 
  • TMR or RPNI / Management of Neuromas of the Upper Extremity
  • What can you Cover Without using Free Flaps? Non-Free flaps for the Upper Extremity
  • An Update on Sensory Neurotization  
  • Replant in 2023: When to put the Finger in the Bucket
  • Headache Surgery
  • Hardest Cases/ Complication you have done? You Won’t Believe This Case I Had

‚Äč AAHS/ASPN/ASRM Combined Panel: Reconstruction of Nerve Gaps/ Allografts & Autografts DEBATE

Joint Presidential Keynote Lecture: Thomas M. Siebel, CEO, C3 AI

AAHS/ASPN/ASRM Joint Outstanding Paper Session

ASRM Sewing with the Masters (Not for Credit)

ASRM Golf Invitational (Not for Credit)

ASRM Master Series in Microsurgery  “Extremes of Microsurgery: Pushing the Limit” (Not for Credit)

ASRM Young Microsurgeons Group and New Member Reception (Not for Credit)

ASPN/ASRM Welcome Reception (Not for Credit)


Sunday, January 22, 2023                         

Scientific Paper Presentation

ASRM Sewing with the Masters

ASPN/ASRM Combined Panel: Facial Palsy

ASPN/ASRM Combined Panel: Functional Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Panel: 40 Years of ASRM

Women in Microsurgery Luncheon

Breakout Panels

  • Flaps in H&N trauma - Timing/Staging & Treatment Algorithm
  • An Algorithmic Approach to Management of Upper Extremity Lymphedema
  • Big Vessels, Good Sleep vs. Supermicrosurgery in Extremity Reconstruction
  • Pearls and Pitfalls in Phalloplasty
  • R&R - What is the Role of Robotics in Reconstruction?

Scientific Paper Presentations

Panel: Transplantation vs. Conventional Reconstruction

ASRM Best Case/Best Save

Presidential Dinner

Monday, January 23, 2023

Scientific Paper Presentations

Past Presidents Breakfast

Sewing with the Masters

Young Microsurgeon Forum

Young Microsurgeon Panel

Break Out Panels (3 sessions)

  • Non-micro Flaps in H&N Reconstruction - Indications, Tips and Tricks
  • Flap survived … Breast not pretty… What next? - Revisions in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
  • Extreme limb salvage and sarcoma - What are the limits?
  • Managing Complications in Gender-Affirmation Surgery
  • M&M - Microsurgery and the Military Flap alive, still a problem - Managing complications in head and neck reconstruction
  • Partial breast reconstruction - What works and what doesn’t in radiated breast deformities?
  • Functional free muscle transfers for extremity reconstruction - Beyond the gracilis flap
  • Trunk/Chest wall reconstruction - Pedicled vs micro - What is possible? (Point/Counterpoint)
  • Optimizing billing and insurance contract negotiations in microsurgical reconstruction
  • Technical gadgets in microsurgery - What we really need beyond needle and suture…
  • Is there a life after micro?
  • Venous flaps in extremity reconstruction - Indications, Design, and Execution
  • One hit wonders - "Operations I have only done once" vs. "Operations that only worked once"
  • Negotiating your first micro job - What to ask for to ensure success…

Business Meeting (Members Required to Attend)

Young Microsurgeons Fellowship Roundtable

President’s Lecture: Gregory Buncke, MD and invited guests Rollin Daniel, MD & David Lowenberg, MD 

Godina Lectures: Joe Dayan, MD & Hidehiko Yoshimatsu, MD

ASRM Women’s Microsurgery Group Reception

 Godina Alumni Reception

 ASRM Celebration Social Event

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

ASRM Council Meeting

Break Out Panels

  • Pearls of wisdom - Functional and aesthetic outcomes in head and neck reconstruction
  • Optimizing Donor-Site Aesthetics in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
  • Functional LE Reconstruction - More than just Soft Tissue Coverage (Nerve Transfers, Tendon Transfers, Functional Muscle)
  • "How my flap was killed postop…" - Perioperative management of the microsurgery patient
  • Microsurgery and Social Media

Buncke Lecture: Kazuteru Doi, MD

Scientific Paper Presentations

Science Slam

12:00pm - 3:00pm Gender Surgery Symposium

12:00pm – 3:00pm Lymphatic Surgery Symposium

12:00pm – 3:00pm Nurse/APP Symposium: Keeping Fingers and Flaps Alive